What a difference a day made.

As the chimes of Big Ben welcomed in 2004 they signalled the start of a photographic project that saw 24 postgraduate photography students, from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, document the first day of the New Year. From the welcoming of the New Year to the end of its first day, these images capture the essence of that day for the photographers involved. But that was just the beginning. The photographers involved have embarked on a hugely ambitious photographic project that will span a generation.

24 hours. 24 photographers. 24 images. 24 years.

How will the group, the project, the world it documents, change over the next quarter of a century? This elaborate social documentary will record what New Year's Day represents – not only as a one off event – but also as an ongoing and developing catalogue of what the end of one year and beginning of another comes to represent over time.